Schule: integrative Schule am Princess Basma Centre for Disabled Children –

Gründungsjahr des Zentrums: 1965, der Schule: 1987

Ort: Ostjerusalem, Besetzte Gebiete

Schülerzahl: insgesamt 722 Schüler (3-18) Jahre alt: davon sind (76) mit Hörbehinderung,
(32) mit körperlicher Behinderung, (6) mit Sehbehinderung und (14) mit kognitiven Behinderungen. 

Spende: Für moderne Therapie- und Lern-  Programme mehrere PC Systeme inklusive Monitore, Tastatur, Maus und ein Laser Drucker


Own Description of the center/school  20\6\2009

 A- The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre for Disabled                   Children (JCDC)

      General Description

 JCDC was established in 1965 as a home for the physically disabled children, mainly those suffering from Polio – Paralysis.  It was run by The Lutheran World Federation for (10) years, then came under a charitable organization licensed in Jordan No. J “131”, in Palestine and in Israel No. 58-024-070-3.

 It is worth noting that the Centre was entrusted under the Arab Anglican Episcopal church in June 2000.

 Changes and developments started in the early eighties to go parallel with the needs and expectations of the disabled community.  In 1987 a mainstream school was started where children with special needs are included along with normal bodied children.

 In 1993, JCDC was identified as one of the three National Referral Centres for the growing “Community Based Rehabilitation” (CBR) structure in Palestine.

 In 1996, an agreement was signed between the three national rehabilitation centres and the Palestinian Ministry of Health, defining geographical work areas and services provided.  JCDC will provide services to children will all sorts of disabilities and their families from East Jerusalem, the central and northern areas of the West Bank, through the Centre itself and the outreach clinic in Ramallah. 

 Beginning 1999 the provision of highly specialized services for the hearing impaired children of East Jerusalem and training opportunities for the disabled adults of East Jerusalem was started by a team of experts.

 Since its establishment until the present date, JCDC played a unique role in developing the services provided to the children with special needs and their families in order to meet their right to inclusion within their communities.  The Centre’s role is now expanding to become the advocate for those children and their families.

 B- The School

 The school was established in 1987 as one of the programs run by the centre.

The aim is to integrate children with special needs along with regular school children.

A total number of (722) students from East Jerusalem ages (3-18) years are receiving regular pre-school and mainstream education within an inclusive educational setting.  (76) of them are hearing impaired, (32) are physically disabled, (6) are visually impaired and (14) have cognitive impairments.  This coincides with “our vision of integration’, advocating our policy of total integration of all children with special needs within their own communities.

 The school is a pioneer in facilitating an inclusive educational setting, thus enhancing equal educational opportunities for children with special needs.

In order to sustain this unique setting- It is necessary to maintain the structure and the environment within the school to satisfy the needs of the students – especially those who are disabled.